chainanalysis – Can stolen or in any other case tainted cash be laundered via mining charges?


Do chain evaluation strategies contemplate the payment portion of block rewards as tainted funds?

e.g. if identified stolen funds are moved in a sure block, the charges the sender pays find yourself “polluting” the block reward. I wish to understand how a lot weight this taint truly will get in relation to chain evaluation. Would the most important exchanges settle for these cash as deposits?

If that’s the case, then a thief may launder the funds by colluding with a miner. e.g. do a self switch that pays 10% in charges; do not broadcast the tx, simply move it to the colluding miner who mines it and later returns a portion of the charges to the thief out of the block reward.

If not, then a thief may taint each block’s reward by merely self transferring a minimal quantity with ample charges for subsequent block. Then not one of the blocks rewards will be deposited in any closely regulated alternate. I assume miners may censor these txs if the thief’s UTXOs are well-known, nevertheless it’s nonetheless an assault vector I assume.

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