Can I “duplicate” a pockets utilizing a backup phrase (12 phrases)?


Can I “duplicate” a pockets utilizing a backup phrase (12 phrases)?


The place is my stability saved?

Each wallets will scan the related components of the general public transaction-journal (“blockchain”) so as to add up the amount of cash managed by the keys derived out of your backup phrase – this complete is your stability.

Wallets are very more likely to retailer this complete regionally, as a comfort, so they do not need to re-scan the blockchain and add up the entire once more each time the pockets is opened. Precisely the place and the way this quantity is saved is more likely to fluctuate relying on the software program used. The storage of this complete is of no actual consequence.

if I ship from (A) to a pal’s pockets (Z), would my decreased stability additionally present on (B)?

Sure, each wallets will study new confirmed transactions that have an effect on your stability.

Pockets A would possibly present the transaction quantity as pending till it receives a affirmation, a affirmation is only a new block showing within the public transaction journal that both accommodates the transaction in query or which builds on prime of such a block. Pockets B learns in regards to the affirmation in the identical approach and can equally discover that the block accommodates a transaction that impacts an quantity related to an deal with derived out of your backup phrase. The mechanism is identical for each wallets, Pockets A has no particular privileges.

To elaborate a bit:

As Murch famous in a remark, pockets A would possibly have some extra data that doesnt get transmitted to pockets B. That is data which is not transmitted to the remainder of the Bitcoin community and which has no impact on validation of a transaction or on the mining course of by which funds are thought of to be confirmed. One instance is if you happen to select so as to add a memo “cost for brand new trinket” to the transaction, this memo is just not transmitted to anybody else and so is just not identified to Pockets B (or anybody else). Additionally it is misplaced if you happen to destroy pockets A and re-create it (e.g. by deleting an app and related information after which reinstalling the app and utilizing the previous backup phrase). In case your pockets A permits you to organise transactions into accounts, pockets B would not mechanically learn about these accounts. Equally, if pockets A is a Lightning-capable pockets, Pockets B would not usually know in regards to the lightning transactions that Pockets A made, solely in regards to the remaining on-chain settlements made e.g. when a lightning channel is closed.

Nonetheless Pockets B ought to nonetheless usually present that very same complete as Pockets A for complete quantity of Bitcoins that the fundamental Bitcoin community and it is public replicated transaction-journal (“blockchain”) think about to be managed by personal keys that are in your wallets A and B.

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