blockchain – What’s the Optimum block measurement based mostly on 90 percentile block propogation delay?


We are able to have pruned nodes that may confirm blocks and transactions so the block measurement may be elevated with out resulting in the centralization of block verification.

But when we enhance block measurement then block verification time and propagation delay will enhance. It should enhance the likelihood of two miners mining a block concurrently and likewise delay the competing blockchain branches to resolve the dispute. Most likely any enhance in block propagation delay will enhance the time to resolve disputes exponentially.
Based mostly on a web site (Cannot keep in mind) at present, block propagation delay is 5 seconds to achieve 90% nodes which can enhance to 15-20 seconds if all transactions had been Segwit.

I believe block propagation delay is the one limiting think about growing block measurement.

Has anybody completed an investigation to search out out the connection between block propagation delay and optimum block measurement?

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