blockchain – What does the HOMERPEPE issuance transaction truly comprise?


Since NFTs are being mentioned rather a lot recently, I bought inquisitive about HOMERPEPE and the way it’s truly constructed.

This is the hyperlink to the token on

I adopted the hyperlink to the transaction that issued this token, and the precise transaction particulars are right here: https://blockstream.information/tx/3f0053d19b7feb5731a3be83b16212516b934d3da456d5b47d97c51ab4b24f4c?develop

And the transaction contains this information:


scriptPubKey (asm) OP_RETURN OP_PUSHBYTES_51 

scriptPubKey (hex)

OP_RETURN information

I collect that OP_RETURN is used to mainly publish a message on the blockchain, and OP_PUSHBYTES specifies that it is 51 bytes of information.

However what does this information truly comprise? How ought to I interpret this if I wish to perceive what HOMERPEPE truly consists of?

*: apparently together with the OP_RETURN information prompted StackExchange to stop my submission of this query ¯(ツ)/¯

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