blockchain – Some technical questions on Bitcoin


I am a developer. I’ve learn lots about Bitcoin construction and the way it works. However but one thing confuse me.
I wish to share them with you and skim your solutions:

  1. When a miner solves a block, how different nodes reward it? If they’ve the supply code to generate Bitcoin, why do not they generate it for themeselves?

  2. I do know 6 confirmations are sufficient for a transaction to be legitimate. What If I run 6 full nodes on my own and laborious code their addresses in a pockets to create a faux transaction?

3 . When 51 p.c settlement is made? On each transaction? Or every block solved?

  1. When a brand new transaction is made, do miners verify all earlier transactions in blockchain for maker individual to verify if it is mendacity or not?

  2. If a couple of miners create a brand new block and broadcast it into community, how different nodes would discover out which one was the primary?

I am very interested in Bitcoin know-how however I could not discover a supply that satisfies me.

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