blockchain – Is that this an incoming or outgoing transaction


I just lately checked out this bitcoin transaction:

transaction: 3b0e8fae9640e1d043cfef14815c6885e58d71e7ee31cfa53f9c9d5acb138a4d

For many who don’t need to take a look at the transaction, I’ll give a simplified instance of it:

There are 3 inputs:

X pays 0.5BTC
Y pays 2BTC
Z pays 3 BTC

There are 2 outputs:

A which will get 2.5BTC
X which will get 3 BTC

As you’ll be able to see, the “steadiness” from Y and Z went to X, however X additionally paid out.

Would this be classed as a incoming or outgoing transaction?

The pockets steadiness would in all probability not change as they “might” personal the entire addresses.

I want to assume that they don’t.

Ought to I class them as separate transactions?

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