blockchain – Help retrieving lost bitcoins from crypto investment earnings


i need some form of guardiance please guys i invested 500$ in a crypto currency investment website “” to get 5% daily return on investment i’ve made 3000$ so far and this is my third time investing with the website and i had no issues other times when i withdraw 4520$ anf 2600$ using my pc , i tried to withdraw my current earnings of 3340$ and the withdrawal was sent successfully but not to the bitcoin address i provided , i can not explain how but the bitcoin address i copied to paste in the website somehow changed , it looked like mine but the last 5 characters or so changed , i contacted the company and they provided proof that withdrawal was sent to the address i provided and i can also see the transaction on the blockchain ,i am not all that savvy with crypto and tech but i try , my tech buddy said i must have downloaded a trojan virus i’m not sure how that is possibly because i only downloaded some torrent files recently , please is it possible for a virus to steal bitcoin by creating identical bitcoin addresses ? if so can i get my bitcoins back . i need help please .

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