– Recovering cash from a cell Coinomi Pockets after app was uninstalled


Just a few years again, simply after the Bitcoin Gold fork, I “extracted” Bitcoin Gold cash out of (the place I had some BTC saved, although I now neglect how I did that lol). I exported these “cash” to a Coinomi pockets on my previous cellphone…

I nonetheless have my previous cellphone, however apparently deleted the Coinomi app on it to liberate area, forgetting that I had BTG “cash” saved on/in it.

I just lately reinstalled the Coinomi App on my previous cellphone & tried to revive the pockets (utilizing my previous 12 phrase seed-phrase) and the pockets appeared to revive/open, however no BTG cash “confirmed up”

So apparently by uninstalling my (previous) Coinomi pockets app, I “misplaced” my BTGs.

I’ve 2 questions associated to this state of affairs.

  1. Can I one way or the other recuperate the BTGs “misplaced” on account of my uninstalling the Coinomi pockets (and dropping the hyperlinks) ? i.e., is the previous Coinomi pockets (& BTG cash) nonetheless doubtlessly saved on my previous cellphone, however with no lively hyperlinks to them?

  2. Failing 1. above, can I nonetheless return to and extract the identical BTG cash from the identical, an identical blockchain tackle? (as my BTC haven’t moved since) If not, how does the unique blockchain establish that the BTG cash have been “extracted” & eliminated, if that’s even doable?

This query would appear to even have doable utility to different forks on the blockchain, except I am lacking one thing.

Thanks prematurely for considerate responses.

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