bitcoind – Must configure Bitcoin RPC bitcoin.conf for manufacturing ecosystem


hiya I am constructing just a little trade web site and wish a easy answer to combine by way of api, I am searching for one thing that permits bitcoin funds to be despatched to bitcoin addresses for customers who will select to purchase bitcoin on my web site. and an answer that may present a bitcoin tackle to each consumer who chooses to promote bitcoin on my web site. after a lot analysis i discovered bitcoin json rpc, and lots of tutorials on set up and use it. now i want some assist to configure my bitcoin rpc node in order that it could meet my manufacturing wants. Do you advise me to run a full node or pruned node for this challenge and what’s one of the simplest ways to ship transactions for this type of challenge whereas contemplating the charges for every sending of cost (createrawtransaction or sendtoaddress?)

under my bitcoin configuration

rpcuser = bitcoin
rpcpassword = password
rpcallowip = / 0
rpcport = 8332
principal.rpcbind =
daemon = 1
prune = 0
minrelaytxfee = 2500
maxconnections = 20
maxuploadtarget = 250
mintxfee = 0.0001
txindex = 1
txconfirmtarget = 6
keypool = 10000

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