bitcoind – How to compute deposits from the output of listsinceblock?


I am writing a program that, given the JSON outputs from multiple separate RPC calls to listsinceblock, stores valid deposit transactions in a database and then computes the total deposit for every unique address.

From my reading the documentation, I am hoping to confirm if the following are true:

  • Every transaction is unique on a combination of txid and vout.
  • Every deposit will have its category be either receive or generate.

Further, I would like to ask:

  • Should transactions of category of orphan and immature also be counted as deposits?
  • Is a transaction that has walletconflicts as a non-empty array considered valid?
  • Are there any other considerations that I have not taken into account if I am trying to compute total deposits for every address that occurs in the listsinceblock transaction list?

Thank you!

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