Bitcoin QT restore previous pockets.dat – wanted for Israel supreme court docket


Although I’m certain it is most likely not the primary time you get this inquiry,
I’m fairly certain it has some distinctive traits.

My identify is Roy Arav, I’m from Israel.
In Israel – banks completely forbid getting/sending cash that’s associated to crypto.
So In 2018 I sewed the financial institution in Israel highest court docket.
In February 2021 I gained.
(For these of you that know Hebrew it was revealed in Israely news-papers and yow will discover the decision in docket/%D7percentA2percentD7percentA8percentD7percent91-%D7percent95percentD7percent90percentD7percent97-%D7percentA0-%D7percent91percentD7percentA0percentD7percentA7-%D7percent9EpercentD7percentA8percentD7percent9BpercentD7percentA0percentD7percentAApercentD7percent99percentD7percent9C-%D7percent93percentD7percent99percentD7percentA1percentD7percentA7percentD7percent95percentD7percentA0percentD7percent98-%D7percent91percentD7percentA2percentD7percent9E#.YKiirqhvY2w )

Nicely, the financial institution appealed to Israel supreme court docket about this verdict.
Profitable or dropping, it will be compelling priority for all comparable
instances any longer.

Why am I telling you all this?
Nicely, I must show that there isn’t any cash laundering (there is not) by exhibiting
the route of the cash (How I purchased it, what transactions I did, and the way I offered it again to shekels).
One of many nodes on this route is an previous bitcoin-qt pockets I had until 2019.
It is empty now, however I am unable to entry the pockets to see the transactions and even
to see some public addresses.
I’ve my password and an previous pockets.dat (I’m not certain it is essentially the most up to date one).
and I’m attempting now to re-sync the entire thing (it will take no less than every week).

Any advices?
(I do not thoughts publishing the pockets.dat and password because the pockets must be empty)


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