BITCOIN: get bitcoin transactions listing by time utilizing RPC on my node


I wish to get the transaction listing of a bitcoin node i’ve. I have to know:

  1. How do i get the transaction listing filtered by time (1h, 2h,…) utilizing RPC, I’ve been looking out on bitcoin developer: RPC API reference however i am unable to discover a technique that permits me to get the transaction listing by time, there’s solely transactionlist technique by amount (variety of transactions i wish to).

  2. How do i get a notification when a brand new transaction has been made, i’ve recognized already walletnotify the place i specify a restAPI I created (my/customized/route) utilizing curl from my node, and I recieve the txId anytime the node obtain some change. The factor is, I have to retailer/queue these notifications every time the restAPI i created received disconnected, if that service comes again/is restored the node must ship these notifictions to my API.

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