bitcoin core – Why does bitcoind should hearken to the general public web when supporting lnd?


I’ve been a part of experimenting with organising a system to ship and obtain lightning community funds. The system makes use of bitcoin-core (bitcoind) and lnd. Initially, the system was arrange on a house community, behind a NAT, so neither bitcoind nor lnd may pay attention for incoming connections from the general public web. On this preliminary configuration, it was potential to make use of lnd to ship funds, but it surely couldn’t obtain incoming funds.

Within the technique of troubleshooting, we moved the bitcoind to a server outdoors the NAT, so it had a public IP quantity and opened the port 8333 for inbound connections. The lnd server continues to be behind the NAT, and it doesn’t have any ports opened for inbound connections. All of a sudden the system began to work and we may obtain incoming lightning networks funds.

So we solved the issue, however I am form of baffled as to why this really works. Was this only a fluke? Or is there a cause why a bitcoin node wants to have the ability to obtain inbound connections so as to correctly help a lightning community node?

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