bitcoin core – Unbroadcast count doesn’t change as expected after 15 minutes


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I tried running hidden RPC mockscheduler, I think it worked that day after relaunching nodes few times and trying different things. Today again I am not able to do the relay similar to unbroadcast test.

  1. Start Node 1
  2. Start Node 2 with Node 1 in addnode
  3. Use sendtoaddress to send some bitcoin to own address in Node 2
  4. Check transaction is in getrawmempool and 1 unbroadcast in getmempoolinfo
  5. Node 1 doesn’t have these transactions in getrawmempool
  6. Restart nodes
  7. Run this multiple times because its not doing anything: bitcoin-cli -regtest mockscheduler 900
  8. Nothing changes in getrawmempool or getmempoolinfo

After reading lot of things I think the reason is Node 1 not sending getdata request based on:

With these changes, the mempool tracks locally submitted transactions & periodically reattempts initial broadcast. Transactions submitted via the wallet or RPC are added to an “unbroadcast” set & are removed when a peer sends a getdata request, or the transaction is removed from the mempool. Every 10-15 minutes, the node reattempts an initial broadcast.

I checked the packets in Wireshark to see what’s going on because debug=mempool and debug=net spams with so many things that are confusing. I found that Node 2 had sent getdata packet with 13 hashes:


getrawmempool returns txid and we see wtxid in Wireshark. I reversed one from Wireshark to get wtxid

INV: 9f5e3c78e1e6a4f7f12b1e876ba6dadfcf3df6812a3ac214dda2455284e0e079

WTXID: 79e0e0845245a2dd14c23a2a81f63dcfdfdaa66b871e2bf1f7a4e6e1783c5e9f

However getrawtransaction doesn’t accept wtxid so I am not sure how to check if this transaction belongs to Node 1 or Node 2. I am guessing its Node 1’s transaction.

I have no clue what’s going wrong and why simple relay for a transaction is not working between these 2 nodes.

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