bitcoin core – old paper wallet shows missing balance after import; hacked? Bug? Confused?


I have an old (2014) paper wallet I’ve deposited coins into over the years. I have another paper wallet that was generated around the same time, but wasn’t used until last year. I just finished syncing Bitcoin Core and imported the keys from the paper wallet, first the older key without rescan, then the newer key with rescan.

After a rescan, I’m not seeing the expected balance.

I’ve been monitoring the old wallet with the Samourai Sentinel app. This app shows a balance of 8 BTC at the address. When clicking through, the app takes me to: 1PMoUJpj73FUTbjMiKwJfJoo4fJaUE9bTr. This looks about right, and like what I expect. (for some reason, the link doesn’t work direct, but navigating to and entering the address brings it up; cookie related probably)

But in Bitcoin Core, I don’t see the balance. I do see the balance for the newer wallet, which has 2 BTC in it here: 1LwpoTZwuS8Yw5T9EdnnHemmqQ46jCUznK.

$ bitcoin-cli listreceivedbyaddress
    "address": "14H7dShaq6CGtyZQujckNSswac7tM5CMjE",
    "amount": 7.00850502,
    "confirmations": 388012,
    "label": "",
    "txids": [
    "address": "1LwpoTZwuS8Yw5T9EdnnHemmqQ46jCUznK",
    "amount": 1.99645000,
    "confirmations": 33899,
    "label": "",
    "txids": [

The second address matches my newer paper wallet, but the first address doesn’t match the older wallet, and it looks like it’s been completely spent. These transactions predate those I expect and see in 1PMoUJpj73FUTbjMiKwJfJoo4fJaUE9bTr, so it’s possible this was a key re-used by mistake, but my memory doesn’t go that far back.

Can someone explain what’s going on? Did I mess up somewhere?

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