bitcoin core – Learn how to decrypt encrypted_privkey


Background how I bought right here:

I’ve a very outdated pockets file in .dat format (from 2017)
The backup is so far as I keep in mind only a copy of the pockets file from bitcoin-core’s ~/.bitcoin listing.

I attempted opening it in “trendy” bitcoin-core by:

  1. copying the pockets file into ~/.bitcoin/wallets/walletName/walletName.dat
  2. including the pockets identify to listing in ~/.bitcoin/settings.json

Now, upon beginning bitcoin-core I get this message:

Error: Did not load database path '/house/{redacted}/.bitcoin/wallets/OldWallet_1'. Knowledge just isn't in acknowledged format.

So, having no significant ends in google aside from pywallet, I made a decision to attempt importing it to electron… and found that electron would not have an choice to import bitcoin-core wallets (wtf?).
I did discover some details about “pywallet”, I attempted utilizing it to get well info from my .dat file, I needed to modify it a bit since my encryption password is admittedly lengthy and has many bizarre characters in it so passing it as an argument for script execution is extremely troublesome.

I managed to get listing of all addresses outlined on this file and “encrypted_privkey” for every deal with.

I did not handle to get it to decrypt something, as a result of the script crashes with “Segmentation Fault (core dumped)” (everybody loves C/C++).

The query:

So, my query is, given I do know the password to this pockets (I feel I additionally recovered the encryption salt) and I’ve “encrypted_privkey” listing, how do I decrypt them so I can import them in electron?

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