bitcoin core – How to BIP39 Seed to mnemonic


04988bab776f26188f647f0985ea56f3dbe7707daa816eed906b07e8c232990f36ae2e96d99c9a1c12c8411fb603f9d90725d2a9c7ac804cf5a24d284b20d0a697 is an uncompressed public key. It is not a seed and has nothing to do with BIP39. You cannot generate generate a mnemonic from it.

BIP39 seeds are at most 256 bits long.

I lost the mnemonic and there is only the seed key, how can I transfer it to another device?

The seed and the mnemonic contain identical information. Each word in the mnemonic represents 11 bits, so a 12 word mnemonic is just the same as a 128 bit seed (plus a 4 bit checksum on the end).

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