bitcoin core – How can I switch unconfirmed transactions from pockets.dat to a brand new blockchain pockets


My query might not be very clear since I’m probably not an professional in bitcoin and its expertise. However in my possession I’ve only a pockets.dat information with an unconfirmed transaction on it.

I adopted a process of spending the unconfirmed Bitcoin from the pockets.dat pockets into a brand new blockchain pockets tackle.

At this degree I’ve linked the pockets.dat with my bitcoin core, and even checked the pockets.dat steadiness on bitref and it reveals the bitcoins is unspent however unconfirmed.

That is the place I’m confused

  • out there steadiness on my Bitcoin core is 0.00000 and blocks not but absolutely syncd.
  • I attempted utilizing the JSON means of spending the bitcoins into a brand new blockchain pockets, after placing all I used to be requested within the course of I received what you will note beneath.

E2 -> Error Parse error on line ‘1’ parse error on line^
Anticipating‘STRING’, ‘NUMBER’, ‘NULL’, ‘TRUE’, ‘FALSE’
‘{‘, ‘[‘, got ‘undefined

And left me with no option than OK.
My bitcoin core version is

I don’t know if my question does makes sense but that’s what I’m facing please some should help me

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