bitcoin core – fundrawtransaction – what’s it?


I discover on Web article.

How I perceive the uncooked transaction may be created easier with out fundrawtransaction.

  1. bitcoin-cli listunspent [misconf=1] [max_number_confirmation=99999999] ”'[“<wallet_address>”]”’
  2. bitcoin-cli createrawtransaction
    “txid” : “<txid_of_selected_block>”,
    “vout” :
    ‘{“<recipient_address>”: <amount_to_send>, “<sender_address>”: <amount_change>}’
  3. bitcoin-cli signrawtransaction <hex_createrawtransaction>
  4. bitcoin-cli sendrawtransaction <hex_signrawtransaction>

That is all and with out fundrawtransaction.

And I do not perceive why fundrawtransaction do want? And what’s the distinction between “with” and “with out”?

I am a beginner and I undecided I proper perceive what do imply inputs and outputs and probably so I can not perceive what imply fundrawtransaction?

Please, extra examples and extra easy speech. Thanks.

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