bitcoin core – BTC pockets restoration: I’ve a 17 phrase backup, what do I do?


I’ve a 17 phrase seed phrase from a ten yr outdated Bitcoin-qt/core? acct, however do not know what instrument to make use of to show it right into a pockets. I additionally wrote down the 17 letter related private-key itself. It begins with “q” and has two commas and an area in it?? Is that legitimate? Clearly I’m terrified to place the seed phrase into any ONLINE instrument. I need to apply offline one way or the other to see if I even wrote it down correctly. I attempted wanting via the sourcecode: to see there’s a word-list.. No pleasure. One man stated Electrum, nevertheless it did not assist decipher the person phrases, simply form of a ‘put all of them in’, sink or swim endeavor…. Thanks!

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