bitcoin core – Are hardware wallet seeds cross compatible over all brands and even software wallets?


I had a discussion today and I’m really confused. What I though is happening with each hardware wallet is this:

Seed (BIP39) 1 --> HW Wallet (ledger) --> chip1 + seed = private key 1

Seed (BIP39) 1 --> HW Wallet (bitbox) --> chip2 + seed = private key 2

Seed (BIP39) 1 --> Bitcoin Software Wallet --> Seed (is 1:1 your private key, byte conversion)

I thought that the resulting private keys will differ from each other, even if you use the same initial seed for both devices and all wallets. So that having 2 ledgers with the same seed have the same wallets, but they are not compatibly to other brands that use other hardware.

The friend told me, that this is absolutely not the case and that you could even take your ledger seed and enter it into the bitcoin core wallet (or almost any wallet for that matter) and you would still have access to those bitcoin, even if ledger went bankrupt und all devices on the planet break at once.

His arguments were, that the sole purpose of a hardware wallet is, that you never need to enter your private key on any computer. Somehow that made sense to me. But is it true that I can take my BIP39 seed from my ledger and use it on any bitcoin wallet, no matter if hardware of software?!

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