Bitcoin-cli 0.19.1 Pockets not Sending from Addresses with Closest Quantity?


I’ve a bizarre difficulty that I assumed was fastened just a few years again with Bitcoin pockets to cut back charges. I assume not, or I’m lacking one thing…

My pockets obtained a transaction for the quantity of 0.54530200 BTC, but after I went and despatched 0.51986042 BTC out utilizing bitcoin-cli sendtomany to 16 outputs, the pockets used 856 inputs to ship the quantity that was obtainable and cleared with a minimum of 400+ confirmations within the first handle.

The above TX price me 0.03600705 BTC to ship when it ought to have price me a fraction of the quantity had it used the handle that contained the closest quantity to the quantity it is sending out…

Bitcoint-cli model 0.19.1

Any concepts what I could possibly be doing incorrect or what I could possibly be lacking?

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