authorities – Pump & Dump communities. Are they authorized?


There are a number of communities that enable anyone participate of their “actions”.
They are saying, for instance, that at 7pm GMT they are going to announce an altcoin title and folks would quickly purchase this coin on a specified early alternate (say, Bittrex).

When it is time to go, they disclose the coin title and folks collaborating begin to purchase it. In consequence, the value of this coin quickly rise. And after some brief time period it does down. Due to this fact, those that managed to purchase it early and promote it in time, get income.

These communities usually name it as “Pump”.

I learn on Wikipedia about Pump & Dump scheme. It is unlawful on safety market (as I perceive). Though, for my part these communities do not likely do Pump & Dump as described on Wikipedia (from my viewpoint) as they don’t make “false and deceptive optimistic statements” about pumped cash.

The one factor that appears like described on Wikipedia scheme (once more for my part) is that admins of a few of such communities ask different members to “promote” pumping cash on completely different chats/boards.

My questions are:
1) Do organizers (admins) of such communities do unlawful issues?
2) Do members do unlawful issues after they:
a) “promote” coin
b) don’t promote coin and simply take part
3) What are penalties for individuals who might be decided because the one who do unlawful issues?

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