Are a Ripple Gateway’s charges accessible through the rippled API?


Seems to be like the one payment accessible through rippled is the Switch Price which is accessible through the account_info rippled API methodology.

It returns a price in elements per billion so it is advisable to run a small formulation to get the share.

Utilizing Bitstamp for example, their webpage says they’ve a 0.2% payment:



0.20% payment for IOUs transferred between accounts.

The account_info API will return the Account Root object with the TransferRate property set to 1002000000.

To transform this to 0.2%, use the next in Go which returns 0.002:

func TransferRatePercent(ratePPB int64) float64 {
    return (float64(ratePPB) / 1000000000.0) - 1.0

This is the total account_info response for Bitstamp:

    "end result": {
        "account_data": {
            "Account": "rvYAfWj5gh67oV6fW32ZzP3Aw4Eubs59B",
            "Steadiness": "6545061077106",
            "Area": "6269747374616D702E6E6574",
            "EmailHash": "5B33B93C7FFE384D53450FC666BB11FB",
            "Flags": 9043968,
            "LedgerEntryType": "AccountRoot",
            "OwnerCount": 397,
            "PreviousTxnID": "E0A37673D0290324554955361FB6F0081375F9339FEBE6C0A8C15031F9F86A1B",
            "PreviousTxnLgrSeq": 63533472,
            "Sequence": 4477,
            "TransferRate": 1002000000,
            "index": "B7D526FDDF9E3B3F95C3DC97C353065B0482302500BBB8051A5C090B596C6133",
            "urlgravatar": ""
        "ledger_current_index": 63533609,
        "queue_data": {
            "txn_count": 0
        "standing": "success",
        "validated": false

Be aware, when there aren’t any switch charges, like for Coinex, the TransferRate property will not be current within the Account Root object.

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