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Disclaimer: I maintain STORJ. (Not that it will have any affect on the reply)

What you are right here is an ERC20 token. So your query revolves across the Ethereum blockchain.

When a brand new block is mined, it’s transmitted to the nodes on the community. That is completed by the miner transmitting to his node, and his node transmits to different nodes, so forth and so forth.

The thought of “finish factors” you might be asking a node, shall we say your node, or a third occasion suppliers node for info. In a perfect world all nodes have the identical actual info. In the actual world they are often totally different however the node software program resolves these variations utilizing “longest chain wins”. That is why we look forward to confirmations. Ethereum works a bit otherwise because it makes use of a “confirmed” flag as an alternative of variety of occasions it is seen for the reason that authentic block it was first discovered however that is the Bitcoin discussion board.

With Bitcoin you may ask any node for “a block” however i feel you imply “a transaction”. You merely do not take into account a “transaction” or “block” to be legitimate till there are 6 blocks after it. By then it is statistically inconceivable for it to not “Exist” on the total chain.

In your remaining instance: Storj would not actually “land” (or any token/coin on any chain). A transaction is submitted to mempool which is then broadcast to different nodes. A miner sees the transaction, mines it, and provides it to a block. That block is then rebroadcast. There isn’t a approach so that you can “spend” something as a result of another person has to verify that the transaction is legitimate and add it for it to point out up on the precise chain.

Notice: Apologies for any confusion. The query was a bit awkward however did my greatest to reply the assorted factors in it. I extremely counsel investigating how blockchains work and why they work. Bitcoin is a improbable place to start out since this all began with Bitcoin.

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