am i able to run a full node on a laptop computer with out a third social gathering router?


To run a full node you needn’t have opened incoming port. It can operate appropriately being only a “fetching” node.

If you end up behind NAT which one you don’t handle you continue to can obtain your node visibility in varied methods:

1) Utilizing third social gathering “intermediary” companies.

as Randy talked about, there’s a, the place you put in their shopper after which you’ve gotten a site, which might be routed to your WAN ip, even it adjustments on a regular basis. I assumed this service solves solely dynamic WAN IP change – on this case this may not allow you to in case your supplier nonetheless is obstructing incoming connections (want port ahead). however most likely they provide additionally so-called “port tunneling” with their shopper.

there’s additionally nice service by , you may configure it to entry your bitcoind REST api even you’re behind filtered NAT.

Bear in mind that on this case all the info you change most likely may be learn by these service suppliers (nonetheless not possible)

2) [RECOMMENDED, most self-controlled and private option] You should use Tor hidden service. The entire information is accessible right here: . Briefly: you spin up a tor daemon, after which create so referred to as “tor hidden service”, which principally implies that you should set in config some “tor port forwarding”.

HiddenServiceDir /var/db/tor/your/native/path/for/specific/onion
HiddenServicePort 8333 #exposing to TOR community bitcoind communication port
HiddenServicePort 8332 #exposing to TOR community bitcoind RPC port

In a /var/db/tor/your/native/path/for/specific/onion listing you will discover hostname file which might be smth like 32j46jh46r4hy45hy435j7h47h4e6yhreu.onion. Then any bitcoin node which is working by way of TOR proxy will have the ability to connect with your node. The benefit of such method is you can additionally use remotely RPC instructions in encrypted manner (all information transmission is encrypted in TOR)

3) i will take this query as opportinity to shill my very own service – you may spin up full bitcoin node which might be pre-synced and obtainable on common web. Dependable and 24/7 related, as a result of situated in high-grade datacenters. You’ve full management of such node, it has TORed outgoing connections out-of-box, you’ll be able to RPC remotely (however pay attention to dangers when permitting distant RPC, its not reccomended and distant calls are usually not enabled by default on bitclouds – you should change line in bitcoin.conf). This is extra data: (non-custodial, keys and configs beneath your management). Because of underlying filesystem (ZFS) i’m utilizing i’m able to supply such bitcoind “containers” only for 66 sats per hour, so it’s even cheaper to run on previous PC at dwelling.

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