Add bitcoin funds to java app utilizing BitcoinJ


Not likely for BitcoinJ, however a common method.

You generate new deal with for each person you register. Retailer it in your DB with the userID for future reference.

Create a getAPI taking a String enter. use your API endpoint and open the Bitcoin.conf file.

walletnotify=curl <your API>

If you wish to have affirmation logic as nicely, you might want another getAPI, and get the endpoint. then replace your bitcoin.conf file once more with following:

blocknotify=curl <your Block API> 

Now when person makes the deposit to the deal with you generated, Bitcoin node will notify your app by calling the pockets notify API. You get the transaction hash. Use that txHash and make a Publish name to your daemon with RPc command:

getTransaction <txHash>

Now you may have total transaction object to search out which person has made the deposit.

Free tip: Bitcoin node calls walletnotify two instances:

  1. When a transaction is added to the chain.
  2. When that transaction receives first affirmation.

If you don’t need multiple affirmation, then blockNotify isn’t wanted.

If you would like a sensible instance, you may verify my Github repo, the place I’ve accomplished it. It is not based mostly on BitcoinJ however the logic stays the identical:

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