A query regarding Bitcoin Header Format


I am new to Bitcoins and still learning thus please bear with me. As I read Bitcoin Block header (on which the Block Hash is computed) is supposed to be:

  • hash – 32 Bytes
  • ver – 4 Bytes
  • prev_block – 32 Bytes
  • mrkl_root – 32 Bytes
  • time – 4 Bytes
  • bits – 4 Bytes
  • nonce – 4 Bytes

(source: https://www.oreilly.com/library/view/mastering-bitcoin/9781491902639/ch08.html)

Now when I check one of the latest Blocks the fields are:

  • Hash :

  • Version : 545259524

  • Previous Block : 000000000000000000073a6f31ebaeeaaf09e21331450e424426818699356c54

  • Merkel Root : 09f73d4315fcff0f7ef126a321e8ea478a9bab26c6aa6d45c187a0fcb313fab8

  • Time : 1629026224

  • Bits : 387061771

  • Nonce : 1150639194

(source: https://blockchain.info/rawblock/695877)

The Version, Time, Bits and Nonce fields don’t seem to match in size. What am I interpreting wrong here.

And I am unclear about the Version field. What are the various options. And hypothetically as a miner if one runs a tailor made self coded program what should be its value and how does it matter to a miner who will simply mine a new Block? Is there a default safe value for this field?

It would be helpful if someone can point to a explained for version (something that is easy and comprehensive enough for beginning miners)?

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